Non-Traditional and Recreational Art

This is shout out to all of you who love to art, but might not have gotten the recognition for it in the past from artists or non-artists: coloring fanatics, karaoke enthusiasts, knitters, tattoo and graffiti artists, mural artists, makeup artists and beauticians, and architects. My new little story is for you. Crayoned Skin, Artist Within talks to both traditional and non-traditional artists, who art both for career and recreation. Those of us who realize we have to art, because its like a fire burning in our gut if we try to deny it, forget about it, or live without it.

If you want to give coloring for relaxation a try, send me that you would like to re-imagine, and I will turn them into coloring pages. If you have some kind of Apple device there is an App called Colorscape that you can download that will allow you to do this. I use Photoshop to turn the photos black and white before I put a filter on the image to distort it. In fact, I am having a little contest for the best colored photo. The deadline has been extended to 10/15 at 7 am. Prize and winners announced at 4 pm. For more information on how to submit see my Facebook page (julie I am rivera).

To all of you who write, keep writing. To those who make and do art, I salute you. There will never be a time we don’t need art.


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