Naming Myself

I have been calling myself half my name for awhile now. Growing up my middle name joined my first like I stalked my sister when she went to neighbors houses to play. Sometimes she did not even realize I was in the same room. The three letters were present in body and breath and often the middle name forgot it was a separate entity. And that kind of enmeshment of name one and name two was quite lovely, but did not erase the truth that name two was a plain jane much like daughter two was all chubbs and acne. The problem was name one never really wanted name two tagging along so when daughter two went to high school and she was too busy being reborn for childish obsessions with her sister, she was also too new to keep her double moniker. So three letters were dropped like a hot pot handle. 15 years later I think I’ve come full circle. I miss my name, and I really love my sister.

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