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Why is it that the wacky people Fall in Love first?

And why do they fall in Imagedeep,  so deeply and utterly?

This is the story of my life. I keep falling in love even though its mostly not romantic love (happened once), it’s been buddy love, hero worship, or friendship-like obsessions.

I mean please say that the only answer isn’t DESPERATION, because call me gracious if you wish, but I refuse to believe that is the best broadstroke conclusion to my question.

I am, personally, sick to death of being obsessively addictive in my relationships across the board.

I was a goner within days…at the most a couple of weeks of meeting my now husband. He fell for me after we had been dating for almost a year. But I seriously think that was mostly because I embedded myself into his life like a tick (wanted to say bed bug but can’t risk a cheesy pun). If we had been casually dating, forget it, maybe after the wedding…maybe not. Also if he had been aware of all my crazy, while we were dating, we would not be married today. But that is all water under the bridge….

I recently saw a lovely Hindi film that takes place in Las Vegas. A really cute Love story/Buddy love story, which illustrates my point. I won’t give the title so that there is no true spoiler alert.

I mean it just kinda stinks that people like me are greatly at risk to losing their hearts or having them broken.

Can anyone relate to this? Can anyone shed some light on why? Please disagree or give your two cents. I could use some clarity and I’d love anyone’s opinion.