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My Neighborhood Small Group Does White Elephant Gift Game

My relationship to gifting is a little like what you see in this photo…only in my insides. I really dislike receiving gifts, or I have in the past felt like I did. Claiming my codependency has gotten me to step back and reexamine almost everything. I guess the truth is that I don’t like giving gifts that much because I am not naturally generous. HUGE character defect. The concept of gift giving is wonderful and in fact somewhat sacred. If I examine my overkill gifting of my hubby, deep below the surface I find some less than admirable motivations like guilt, pride, competition, control, fear, but don’t worry, love is there as well. I have also unfortunately mistaken some of the above for love in the past. I am ruthlessly trying to bust up the ice around my heart and mind with a more intentional and reflective lifestyle like I applied blunt-shovel force to the ice on my sidewalk last weekend.