You’ve said it before

just in a different way

I heard but shook it off

as I would a buzzing fly

just out of the range

of my understanding

my minds titanium gates

locked tight from intruders

as your words would be.

Then like ashes floating

on a brisk wind they soar

over crests of disbelief

into a mind loosened from

a witches curse of sleep.

And I can feel them swim

through my canals and

bouncing from drums

into the shallow well

of my thoughts til I listen

to every word that you say.

And your words open doors

whose keys were tossed away

so I fall through into a brand

new moment of Epiphany.

This piece is about what happened to me last weekend. It was in the middle of a grotesque argument between my husband and I when suddenly he was able to get through to me. I finally understood what he had been trying to tell me for at least 6 years. I got it. I let his words fall in all my minds places and it was like the skies were opened above me. BAM!

I can now honestly try to make some adjustments in how I treat him and come across in general because finally I get it. Wow.

Can you share with me about a moment of epiphany that you had? I would love to hear your stories long or short…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Good stuff Astrid… uhhh … Julie. Thanks for sharing with the world. And me!


    1. Julie I A.M. says:

      Thanks…its a bit shameful for you to read this bc you gave our premarital and warned me against a lot of the destructive stuff I’ve done…It’s taken things awhile to register….Oh, and I have given up hoping to look like Astrid Farnsworth…her curls are just too small and springy while mine are long and loose…oh well


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