D&C #3 Flattery vs. Blunt Honesty

~Not sure which is more devious:

ego boosting or bubble bursting

I find myself using both, but

I think it will destroy us

You’d like me to be soft and blunt

I can’t manage that feat

It’s hard enough to be a woman

in this world and not be a runt

Yet, when lovely empty things

fall from my full upturned lips

 inside I feel desolate and low

 as my soul had cut off its wings~

~There is freedom in speaking truth

Like finding a restroom on a walking tour

Feeling relief after riding spinning carnival rides

Yanking out a hair tie on a beautiful fall eve

Falling into bed after a overlong workout

Crying over the spilt milk and shattered glass

Yelling because there is no one around to deny you

Receiving the long anticipated return on a gamble

Consolation springs from all these things~


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