Love Poem No. 1 or, “On You Loving My Words”

Your love gave me a voice

like a hummingbird’s wing gives flight

Your love impregnated me with words,

words which have lives like children, moods like teenagers

You love my words without their makeup

You revel in my silly words

and swim through the mire of my careless ones

You love my humble words,

my words cloaked in humiliation

Your love seeks out the words

buried deep below my conscious ground floor

You love the pitter patter of my hearts words

escaping from my gate-keeping lips

You love my painful gasping words

and smile over my hard-lost obedient words

You loved me when my words were twisted and ugly

trickling out of a soul’s unrest

You loved me when my thoughts were miles away,

curious about other roving eyes and warm hands

You loved me when my silent cries

turned to bitter curses

You loved me when my words

were shallow as a puddle on the street

Your love saw through the plastered over words

of a false heart

You loved me through every erratically spoken

promise destined to fail

Your love breathed hope into my words

as they crawled up from the pit of my despair

You love me in my whining as much

as you love my sweet songs

You love my stubborn fighting words as richly

as you love my whispers of surrender

Your love sees beneath the words

You love me more in your silence

than those who throw glowing word gems my way

You love the words I can’t even form yet

in my sometimes empty head

You even love me through the angry tide of my words

spilling over the boardwalk of your patience

Though most of these words

are covered in seaweed

And when my words just can’t lift off the ground,

you just love my voice.


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