Help Local Elementary School Kids Get Scholarships

This is my one push for the year…It’s for the best of causes.

There is a 100% free way you can give a scholarship to a deserving Queens elementary school student. All you need to do is LIKE the New Life Community Development Facebook page (not photos or posts) and a billionaire has graciously offered to match the number of Likes we get by the end of May (this month) with cash. 100% of those proceeds will go directly to the kids (under guardian supervision) to enhance their educational experience (not for parents to spend at will and not for toys/non educational use). 

I personally volunteer twice a week with this non-profit organization and participate in secondary leadership and administration. My husband volunteers in our elementary and intermediate level mentoring center. He has worked with two students so far and has been really stretched and blessed by the experience. His protege could even be one of the students who gets a scholarship. There are three CDC programs involving this age group: the mentoring center, the scouts (cub, boy, and girl), and the new after-school program launching in September. All these lovely children could benefit from a little boost/ educational supplement. Only you can help us reach 2000 Likes. Please click on the link below and like that page rather than my blog…Those kids need help more than I do.

Thank you and may you receive the same generosity in kind!


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