Seeing On My Own

I looked at you

and I saw a Michigan forest stripped of pine

I saw 2.45 of cents in my pocket for a 2.50 cent ride

I saw a days worth of sweat dripping off an empty palm

My head ached and my eyes stung

Slamming my fist against your iron chest,

I cried out

Then you reached down

And I could see your hand waver

Like the sheaves of Iowan wheat

It pulled back before touching  my temple

Fisting into a wad at your side

I became aware of where your hand stopped

inches from my face

I reached up my own hand to take its place

Pulling fingers back against my forehead, cheek…

There they lay,

Sitting like a swallow on a fence post

I had not seen you at all

I had been looking through her lenses

And I wept

I mourned the loss of truth, love, time

For my 20/20 vision

Had no need of such blinding correction

To see the most lovely of the living

Standing moments from myself

Separated by rays of misdirected light

And messages that never hit a nerve.


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