Kill the Excess

It is the beginning of Lent, and I have decided what I really need to do to bring my whole self back from the land of fat, distracted, and lazy is much more than a fast or a diet.

What I need is to eliminate the excess that has been commandeering the ship of SS Julie-Ann for far too long, probably a four month span of floating farther and farther from port, like the Celebrity cruise ship off the Coast of Mexico. Unlike that liner, there are no tugboats coming to drag me back to the Gulf Coast.

So what can I do about it? Although traditionally, repentance and fasting have been somber, solid, sacrificial things, I am putting a new spin on them. I’m gonna absolutely chill to the beat of the drums of change. Here are the things I am going to Rumba (yes rumba, I’m taking up a new skill) out of my system, excess: eating, grocery shopping, Netflix watching, laying in bed, procrastinating on my novel, checking my email, rechecking my email, driving, novel reading, under-sleeping, waking up 30 minutes before I’m supposed to leave, and last but not least sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong.

I am imagining the sweet kind of life I’ll be living once I’m rid of the excess, and it looks like twinkle toes and smooth sailing.

Thanks to my sister for the inspiration. Check out her blog for her 7 month war on excess.


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