Update on My First Baby…brain baby of course…and all my other spiritual/imaginary children

1) Research Trip for my novel is on.  It has actually become a family trip because my absolute diamond of a husband doesn’t want me traveling alone to Montana. So my parents and I embark on another adventure, like the time I convinced them to drive from south Florida to San Antonio Texas. Well there will be a lot of driving on this trip, just not so many thousands. We will be taking the train from NY Penn to Montana, almost like my characters did over two hundred years ago, well sort of.

2) I saw a young teenage girl perform a spoken word piece for the first time during a fine arts festival of my former church denomination (now I’m non-d), and I was just blown away. I was won over by her charm and passion, despite her absolute shaking fear, she pulled it of. I am pretty sure the entire reason I traveled almost three hours to this event was to watch her and then share a brief word of encouragement.

3) I am in a weird spot, where I am sweating the leaps I have to make for Arts Network that I feel called to initiate at New Life. I am but a late 20’s non-published, untried, introverted, married girl. There seems to be something holding such an entity back, blocking its push to the surface like a late winters snow blocks a perennial’s April advance. Good thing I am tenacious. The lovely man God shares with me calls me feisty.

4) Seeing teenagers this weekend and reading so many books and watching so many movies/shows involving adoptions lately is burning a whole in my heart. I have not sought out these stories nor the emotions which accompany them. If things were financially different, we could be sharing our home with a lonely young person now. I cling to the verse that says God “sets the lonely in families.” My heart cries out, why not mine? How much longer, Lord?

5) The Pantry needs funding, adult warm winter clothing, and most of all Cooked Meal Donations. The diner which provided a tray of ziti every Sat. and Tues. is going out of business as I type this. Please if you are a person who prays, send a pray for our friends and neighbors out in the cold damp New York City night.

Oh, last thing, I am so proud of my sister. I love her dearly, and I still believe she is one of the most multifaceted/talented people I know. Sometimes I still feel like I am 8 years old, trying to sneak about, tailing her, or waiting on the stairs to creep in and watch a late night film with her, wishing I were as popular or pretty as her. God helps me with all of my insecurities and jealousies, but no bones about it, she’s remarkable.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for another fun installment of Truly Forgettable.


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