Truly Forgettable, Episode 2: To the Bottom of It

      Marian awoke for the second time in that nauseatingly pale-blue colored room, underneath the 10 thread count white sheets which she noticed were itching her legs. If there was no trauma, why’d they have to undress me? I bet he did it, Drake the perv. She groaned. Rubbing her left foot against her right leg she encountered over a days worth of stubble. But I’ve only been here…

    At that moment, a short rotund man in sea green scrubs walked in, carrying the first drop in the bucket of her suspicions. Her medical chart. He looked up nailing her eyes in place. She refused to cower.

“So, you must be Dr. Kraus, if indeed that is your name.”

“Excuse me?”

“Nothing doctor, please proceed.”

“Yes, yes, I am Dr. Kraus. As to your condition, the only conclusion I can safely make is that you must have been under a great deal of stress and your body involuntarily gave itself a rest. All examinations and tests concur that no abnormalities have been present in body at the time of your admission or now for that matter.” He inhaled deeply before making eye contact again.

“Let me understand you, Doctor. There is nothing wrong with me, nor was there anything wrong with me when I was brought to the hospital yesterday unconscious with no head trauma, no suffocation, and no good reason to faint. In fact, how could I faint if I was seated  on a stool unmoving for over an hour. Have you ever heard of a person maintaining their balance and posture during a fainting spell?”

“No, Mrs. Finch, I have not, but your husband did mention catching you, and you were at work..”

“Hold right there. That’s precisely my point. I am most certainly not Mrs. Finch, and I have no husband. The last I remember of that man is that we were little more than the most unpleasant of acquaintances, competitive adversaries, reluctantly peers. I would never have grabbed coffee from the same lunch cart as him much less allow him to touch me. Uhhhh.”

“What exactly are you saying, Mrs…um Marian?”

“People who faint do not experience memory loss.”

“How much time do you believe is in question?”

“My parents indicated that I have been married for 4 years. Is that still considered short term? Did you test me for STD’s? Stroke?”

     Dr. Kraus grunted. “As I’ve said there were no irregularities at all. We took blood, urine and stool samples and performed numerous tests. We did account for possible stroke and drug overdose, but no I don’t believe we factored in memory loss.”

     He nodded. “Yes, we could check your thyroid, and, do you believe you could have been exposed to either HIV or syphilis in the last few months?”

“I could have been locked up in some slum Bangkok for all I know, because Doktor Klaus I have no idea whether to believe I am even in my native country.”

“Marian, I assure you, you are in St. Stephan’s Hospital, and your current address is 9802 W. 112th St. 3rd Floor, NY, NY 10025. Your effects are in your husbands possession; If I am correct you would prefer to look through them yourself, so I’ll make sure he brings them to you.”

     She nodded at his consideration, before voicing a question. “Are you  married Dr. Kraus?”

“No, I am not.”

“If you woke up tomorrow, and the physician who received the appointment to the hospital you really wanted to work out of was lying next to you, staring down at you with possessive eyes, calling you husband, how exactly would you feel?”

     He smiled. “I concede your point. You will probably be released tonight if these next round of tests come back negative. So, I would determine which factor is non-negotiable were I you, your own bed or your Single status.”

“Well, I appreciate the advise, but I won’t concede your point. I’ll not only have both, I’ll find out what’s happening here. And it won’t be the last thing I do. That’s what non-negotiable, Doctor.”

    He smiled a Cheshire smile and took his leave.

El Fin


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