Thoughts on Thanksgiving week

This past week’s sermon has infiltrated some of my stray wonderings. I think that I am seriously interested in changing my take on Black Friday.   To be honest, last year, it felt like a family bonding activity, especially because I am a night owl and love the idea of shopping in the wee hours. At the same point, my husbands niece was almost in danger of being crushed by adult living shopping zombies;  yes we were at a Super Walmart. I am taking inventory of the things we were able to get, good deals, but minor things that could have been purchased at another time had we waited. This year there is one potential deal breaker item that would be nice to get for my husby. I am interestingly caught between desiring to fast from the idol worship and be generous in allowing myself to get this item for him. Frankly it isn’t my place to say that his life will be better without it. And even though he felt some conviction from the Holy Spirit as well, I may extend some grace past my prudential sensibilities. I will try to stay indoors, but after all,  cyber shopping is just shopping+shipping.  The point is not to be puritanical and say no shopping for us this year. I guess the point is focus. Where is my focus? Also energy. Where am I investing all my energy and attention? Hmmm. I would like to honestly say, “God I have enough. Thank you for all you’ve given us” both on Thursday and Friday and Monday when I go back to work and am tempted to use my computer as a shopping cart.

Peace Out. Y’all Happy Thankful Day.


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