Update on Arts Community

Yesterday got Facebook page for New Life Creative Arts up. You should find it under that name.         Thanks for the Likes!

We need some background images and photos…I guess I’ll have to be patient…but you can email me photos of you doing art or if you would like to put up some of your own works eventually, that would be wonderful.  Email this address: julieamrivera@hotmail.com

I was hoping to do the Major 2013 Thrust in May, but that is when Pastor Pete and Geri’s EHS Conference is.  So it may take place in March which is very soon.  We want to have a Panal with several working artists (of all forms of art)to discuss the topic “Finding My Excellence within My Limits.” I have a few people in mind, but I will be attempting to forge contacts with the Redeemer Community to seek out a few artists. 

There is before us an open door of possibilities. This community can be a trellis to support growth. Some of us have a safe circle to be with others. The lady writer’s group is that for some of us. I believe that God longs for all of us to have that safe connection. I also believe He wants us to MAKE EXCELLENT ART, whatever that looks like for you.

Email me with your thoughts, fears, concerns, ideas.

Reply to this post, or leave a message on the wall of the new Facebook page.

I am committed to the slow burn…long churn…one relationship at a time…join me.




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