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Although Sandy is on her way, it was a lovely, spirited afternoon at church. The Community Service Auction was a hoot.

Well for the cheapskate deep within, it was a cringe fest.  But in the end I walked away with the Flan. Yes, homemade flan.

Aside from my bragging,  there is a twofold purpose for this post.

  1. I have a personal bit of writing from this morning’s lady writer’s group that I’d like to share.  {please scroll down to read it}
  2. Below is a link to where you can SIGN the PETITION I mentioned in a previous post. Please do this. We need lots of signatures for this. So see link below:”>Studio Space for New Life and Elmhurst Communities | Online Petition

Unseen Me

Why don’t you see me?

I’m not in the medium brown rivulets
wrapped around air, bundled together like a cult of fibers

I’m not in the overtaxed noise cushions
no longer being called on constantly to fill the air.

Their chords are not of life; their sounds do not gift
but cloud and blind like gray, laden fog
rolling into an otherwise clear day.

Neither in the hazel orbs whose gold cannot be traded
or sold to feed my stomach.
They cannot nourish me or educate me or input anything solid.

And the rounded hills that fill another with warmth
do not keep me from the cold nor protect me from life’s dangers.

Even the upturned curves cannot detract from the empty space
though they try to disguise it.

No amount of spit and polish can present a better front
though whiter, they do nothing for the darkness within
though straighter, they fail to organize the random movements
and unrelated expressions of myself

I’m not in the speckles, the holes or the rock’s cleft, stray hairs,
splotches of bacterial lumps; no not in the camel’s hump in the center of the slide

These things can’t contain me, can’t betray me, define me, claim me.

I am not what you see.
You don’t see me; you  merely blink at the surface
and tell yourself you’ve understood.

You neither discern nor learn
If you could reach out to feel me,
your very touch tips would find more that what you’ve seen.
And even that would not be enough,
for that would not be me.

I am not my Face.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. I missed this when you first published the petition. Do you still want me to sign? Would it even matter since I’m not a NLF member anymore? And I love your poem 🙂


    1. Yes, please that would be great.
      This ministry concept has been on hold
      due to personal/marital/familial/financial issues.
      Any and all support would be greatly appreciated.
      Please do sign!


  2. Thanks for the feedback on the piece too..


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