A Re-Newed Rule of Life


Yesterday was quite an auspicious day.

I was saved from an anxiety attack via a gentle reminder from the Lord that I’d fallen off the emotional health wagon. I think He had been coaxing me toward a new rule of life for a week or so, but I was moving too fast to get the message. I remembered hearing that whenever one has a major life change, it is important to redesign our “trellis” or structure so that we can adjust to the new challenge, demand or vacancy in our schedule.

I wish I could draw. That was always a gifting that I longed for. It isn’t surprising that I fell in love with an artist who can draw.  Whenever I have worked on a rule of life, I have always had the urge to use color and images to inspire me. I may have to settle for power point. That is about the extent of my skills.  And you know Jesus loves my humble power-points.  Why scoff at and condemn myself when my Creator made me the way He likes me. I don’t need what someone else has. I don’t need more time to do a million things God doesn’t even need me to do or worry about.

So off I go to power-point this next phase of my journey.  I encourage you to do likewise if you haven’t examined yours in a while. Or visit this link if you have never had the opportunity to create a structure to live out your faith.



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