2013 Creative Arts @ New Life

Let me start with a personal note:

To everyone whose made a mistake that could have been avoided, there is enough grace for you. Trust me. I received it today, from my Abba.

Still I am fighting guilt to the point of a stomach complaint. As Group 1 Crew and Chris August sing….

He said, I won’t give you more, more than you can take…and I might let you bend, but I won’t let you break…and no, I won’t ever let you go….

On to Creative Business:

  • Please pray with me for the Panel on “Finding my Excellence within my Limits” that will go down in May, God-willing. We need prof./working artists (performing-actors/dancers, visual-fine/digital, writers-poets/fiction/screen/script/non-fic, and film/video-ographers.) If you know someone in the NYC metro area, please let me know ASAP.
  • Very Special Blog- Why so special? This blog will be presented to the entire New Life Community to use for devotional/learning/growing/soul-searching/art-appreciation/etc purposes. Also we will use it as a feeder for the Anthology we are hoping to publish/self-publish in 2014.  We will use WordPress Pro…which may mean a 5 dollar voluntary donation by each blogger to keep it running for a year. I’d like to get it going by Jan. 1st. So start praying and collecting writing to share.(Ladies in the writers small group…get out those old journals, and current one’s of course.)
  • An Art Appreciation Course that we will make available for New Lifers as well as the Elmhurst Community.
  • A Community Craft Night.
  • An art event for the guests of our Homeless Ministry…followed by an auction to benefit them.
  • A Juried Art Show for visual artists…maybe writers next year as well.
  • A petition for Visual Arts studio at New Life….Please all support/sign. Coming very soon.
  • Plus more….Please Get Excited and Spread the news…

Email me at this Address for comments: julieamrivera@hotmail.com

Please forward this blog link to others…

Love from above

Julie—would/will be coordinator


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