God So Loves Artists….and Writers Too

Well, I have embarked on a journey again. This one should or could or maybe shouldn’t or couldn’t have started last summer.You see I either procrastinated and said no to God for a year, or the timing wasn’t right until now. I tend to believe the latter, since many lovely things tend to take time. Including Excellent art and Great writing.  I would like to distinguish here between excellence and perfection, if I may make a humble attempt. (Feel free to critique my theology:)   Perfection: Eden.  Excellence: Golgotha.  Sometimes the very best of ourselves is born out of life’s most brutal painful emotional deaths. But thanks be to God, for though Eden was followed by the Fall, Flood and Babel, Golgatha was followed by the Resurrection, Ascension, and Pentecost.  As we all know the potency of pain, loneliness, and despair allow the mini creator (us) to breath hope onto a canvas or computer screen or other raw materials.

And so we strive not for beauty as much as for life as we experience it; and we imagine something greater than self-expression or transcendence. We not only do art and write to make sense of the world, but we also infuse hope into the void. We show all peoples and all cultures how to be human image bearers again. We revisit Eden by way of the Via Doloroso.

Join me.

P.S….I think God is going to start an Artists Community at New Life. Stay tuned. Next blog will have some details.


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