Sabbath Living

This past Sabbath was a bit ironic. I hate napping. Usually when I do wake up from a one of these quick snoozes at least three hours have passed and I have missed something important. Even if that is not the case I am grouchy because of the simple fact that I do not like sleeping period, much less during the day when I could have been doing something else fun.  But after going to sleep late Friday night and getting up to go to the Seminar at church Saturday, a nap was in order, shortly after Sabbath dinner. I also have a history of being last minute nelly. But not last week. I started cooking for Sabbath on Friday night. Then after making enough food to last until Monday, I picked up some Chinese food on my walk home from a post 2nd service meeting in church. I live in Astoria around the Ditmars area. I am familiar with that area but I’m a novice at almost every other part of Queens.  I just got it into my head at 2-ish pm that if I kept walking at a resonably relaxed rate I might make it to Astoria in time to meet my husband at the El station on our way to church for the evening service. Ah wishful thinking considering when I asked my aunt if walking to church was possible her reply was, “Yeah if you want it to take the whole weekend.”  I was not even sure how to do it. Being Sabbath I had not consulted Google Maps. I was walking toward the subway entrance when I realized that Broadway must must be the same road which intersects with Steinway in LIC. That was enough to get me going. And God did bless me with a beautiful walk. One hour and a half later I was picking up Chinese food when my aunt called to see if I was still at the meeting. I told her of my journey and brief respite two el train stops from home when she offered to transport me and the food safe and warm. As I walked to her car from the restaurant it began to rain. Wow. Miraculous timing. The rest of the evening was just as delightful. Even though Sabbath for us ends at 6pm we kept in the restful mood until we went to sleep.  I learned this week that I can trust the safety and limits of the Sabbath to not just give me rest, but also to experience the joy of living spontaneously. I enjoyed the nap, I spent some solid chunks of time with the Lord, I got some relaxing excercise, and I made the lunch special by less than ten minuts. None of the people I called answered their phones, but I got one call in the nick of time. There is a freedom I found in letting go of infrastructure I created for my life, at least for this brief 24 experimental experience.


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